Football Travel: 1. FSV Mainz 05

Please share:In this guest post, reader Andrew Williams describes the fan culture at Jurgen Klopp’s former club, Mainz, as Bundesliga football, beer and Bratwurst take centre stage in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate. In Mainz, on the brisk walk from the bus stop to the Opel Arena, the home supporter I was next to in the crowd was […]

Podcast: Football and the Spanish Civil War

Please share: The Spanish Civil War, which ran from 1936-39, was a precursor to World War II. The conflict cost between 500,000 to one million lives and led to four decades of fascist dictatorship in Spain under General Francisco Franco. The domestic league was impacted, with implications for Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and FC […]

Old Trafford, Manchester United

Football Travel: Manchester United

Please share:A trip to the “Theatre of Dreams” is on many groundhoppers’ bucket lists. But what can you expect from a visit to Old Trafford and how can you get tickets? We made our third trip to the stadium recently and this is our viewpoint on visiting Manchester United. Manchester United is England’s most successful […]

groundhopping app

Review: The Groundhopper App

Please share:For dedicated football travellers, it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve been, when, who you saw play and the score line. Luckily, there’s an app for that! The guys at the Groundhopper app gave me unlimited access to check out my football travel history, and spared me some time to talk about the […]

How the Football Association was founded

Please share: Fans of the art deco architectural style will love the white behemoth of the Freemasons’ Hall off London’s Holborn thoroughfare. On a clear day, it gleams brilliant white in the morning sun while its clean, straight lines cast neat shadows. One of London’s famous blue plaques is hung on the Great Queen Street […]

1. FC Magdeburg

Football Travel: 1. FC Magdeburg

Please share:In a recent podcast, we discussed the England-Germany football rivalry with historian Dr. Christoph Wagner from the German football website, 120 Minuten. In this post, Wagner returns to give us his tips on visiting 1. FC Magdeburg in Germany.  Magdeburg: the city won’t tell travellers anything apart from history. It was in 1945 when British […]

Atletico Nacional Medellín

Football Travel: Medellín

Please share:In this guest post, Andy Ashwell gives us his tips on how to watch football in the Colombian city of Medellín. Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city and has worked hard to shed its troubled image of the 1980s and 1990s. It is now a major tourist destination and with a stable year-round climate […]

AAMI Stadium Zach Rees

Football Travel: Melbourne

Please share:In his first guest post for Outside Write, Zach Rees provides his tips for groundhopping in Australia’s sporting capital, Melbourne. Finding enjoyment in Melbourne is a fairly simple task. Its boutique cafés, live music culture and fantastic citizens make it an attractive place to be. The city of Melbourne frequently boasts its title of […]

England v Germany

Podcast: The History of England v Germany

Please share: We discuss the fascinating historical rivalry of two of football’s historical powerhouses, one-time world champion and codifier of the association rules game, England, and four-time Weltmeister Germany. Our guest is Dr. Christoph Wagner, football historian and blogger for 120 Minuten. He takes us through the roots of football in Germany and we discuss […]

Podcast: Groundhopping in Northern Spain

Please share: In this episode, we discuss the clubs on Northern Spain with the Oviedo-based football journalist, Alexandra Jonson. She’s writing a book on Real Oviedo, and also tells us about the best match day experiences in a much-overlooked part of Spain. Join us as we travel around Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, […]

Podcast: Groundhopping in Northern Italy

Please share: We talk to Rich Hall, founder of Italian football-focussed site Gentleman Ultra, to get his tips on the clubs to visit in Northern Italy. We visit the usual suspects – Turin clubs Juventus and Torino; AC and Inter in Milan; Hellas and Chievo in Verona – plus some of the less-visited clubs that […]

Football Travel: Perugia

Please share: The medieval citadel of Perugia provides a stunning backdrop the matches at Stadio Renato Curi. This is the home of AC Perugia, a small club with passionate support and a brilliant museum. Perugia flies under the radar as a place to visit. This ancient citadel has a real Game of Thrones feel about […]

Cork City fans League of Ireland

Football Travel Podcast: League of Ireland with Ste McGovern

Please share:    The League of Ireland has made a real effort to promote itself in recent years, and it seems to be working with crowds on the up. There’s also a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered, and you can watch a great game without breaking the bank. We asked Dublin-based football writer […]

Football Travel: Empoli FC

Please share:An animated experience awaits you just a thirty-minute hop from Florence or Pisa. We popped along to Empoli FC while the team was in Serie B, and got to know its fans. NB – Empoli has since been promoted to Serie A. Monsoon-like rain welcomed us as we arrived at the Stadio Carlo Castellani […]

Podcast: Who was Don Patricio?

Please share: In this podcast, we hear about the fascinating life of Patrick O’Connell, who had an impressive playing career around the time of the First World War and an even more distinguished managerial career in Spain. He managed Real Betis to its first and, so far, only La Liga title in 1935 and then […]