Atletico Nacional Medellín

Football Travel: Medellín

Please share:In this guest post, Andy Ashwell gives us his tips on how to watch football in the Colombian city of Medellín. Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city and has worked hard to shed its troubled image of the 1980s and 1990s. It is now a major tourist destination and with a stable year-round climate […]

Peñarol fans at the Centenario, Montevideo

Podcast: Groundhopping in Uruguay

Please share: We catch up with Montevideo-based football writer, Marcus Haydon, to get the lowdown on how visitors to Uruguay can enjoy catching a game in what is one of the oldest footballing countries in the world. We discuss: The big clubs to catch Ticket prices and how to buy them Best atmospheres Things to […]

Uruguay fans

The Birth of Football in Uruguay

Please share:Given its tiny size on the global stage – just 3.4 million inhabitants spread over 176,000 km2 – the Oriental Republic of Uruguay has punched above its weight arguably more than any other country. Here’s how football took off in the River Plate nation. South America’s second smallest country after Suriname was the first […]

Angels with Dirty Faces

Book Review: Angels with Dirty Faces

Please share:The story of football in Argentina has finally been told. “Angels with Dirty Faces” by Jonathan Wilson is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the mercurial genius, often intertwined with the violence, of the Argentinian game. I remember my one trip to Buenos Aires in late 2000. From the freeway, the city’s […]

Rosario Central fans

Football Travel: El Clásico Rosarino (Rosario, Argentina)

Please share:Outside Write contributor Matt McGinn went along to one of the world’s great underrated derbies, El Clásico Rosarino in Argentina’s second city, Rosario. The two teams that compete this colourful and feisty affair are Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys.   Rosario was peaceful on the Saturday as it flaunted its credentials as a […]

Football Travel Podcast: Bundesliga and Argentina

Please share:  We travel to Berlin and Buenos Aires in this episode of the Football Travel podcast: Talking Bundeliga: We catch up with the guys behind the Berlin-based From Boothferry to Germany blog to understand why the Bundesliga is so popular around the world. We also get the editor’s tip on the best place to […]

Football Travel: Club Atlético Nueva Chicago

Please share:  Our man in Buenos Aires, Matt McGinn, sends his latest post from the Argentine capital. This time he’s at second tier Club Atlético Nueva Chicago, from the western suburbs.   Hernán’s aviator sunglasses could not hide his exhaustion as we shook hands beneath the late-morning sun in Mataderos, in the far west of […]

Football Travel: Boca Juniors

Please share:In his latest dispatch from the Argentine capital, guest blogger Matt McGinn visits one of the iconic club grounds in world football, La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors. La Bombonera. The name is evocative. It is onomatopoeic too, as if named in recognition of the thuds of noise that boom from its terraces. I […]

Huracan stadium

Football Travel: Club Atlético Huracán

Please share:Outside Write contributor Matt McGinn continues his tour around Argentina’s football clubs. In his latest dispatch from Buenos Aires, Matt visits Huracán.   Before leaving for Argentina, I attended an event organised by the Manchester Football Writing Festival. Jonathan Wilson, smoothly compered by Rory Smith, discussed his recently-published history of Argentinian football, Angels with […]

Football Travel: Club Atlético All Boys

Please share: In his second guest post from Buenos Aires, Matt McGinn checks in on All Boys versus Juventud in the second division of Argentine football, La Primera B Nacional.   I travelled to Floresta with a sense of slight trepidation. The upbeat tango music played by the bus driver was not in keeping with […]

Union fans

Football Travel: Club Atlético Lanús

Please share:In the first of his chronicles from Buenos Aires, Outside Write contributor Matt McGinn visits his first match in Argentina.   One would generally associate a trip to the reigning champions of Argentina with the ‘Big Five’: Boca Juniors, Independiente, Racing Club, River Plate, and San Lorenzo. La Bombonera, home of Boca Juniors, or El […]

The Joy of Retro: Why is nostalgia so appealing?

Please share: I have a terrible soft spot for old football shirts, specifically those of the 1970s-90s. As I recently turned 40 I have to ask myself if there’s deeper meaning in this. What is the allure of retro?   There is power in the past. Vintage gear is a hipster craze, the chiptune movement […]

One year on: Brazil’s World Cup legacy

Please share:The 2014 World Cup was divisive in host country Brazil. Costing an estimated $11.6 billion to stage, we look at the 32-day tournament’s legacy. With the Rio de Janeiro Olympics to come, what’s the feeling towards these profile-building events? Is the ‘people’s game’ now out of reach for the majority of the people?   […]

Christ the Redeemer, Rio

Football and Faith in Brazil

Please share: The cliché goes that in football’s spiritual home – Brazil – football is a religion, but the relationship between the game and faith has surfaced more than ever in recent years. Outside Write took a look at the apparently symbiotic relationship of football and faith in Brazil. Have you noticed how some Brazilian players are […]

How Clubs Got Their Colours: Boca Juniors

Please share:Boca Juniors is the famous blue and yellow half of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Although the club trails its cross-city Superclásico rivals River Plate in domestic championships (36 to 30), Boca claims to enjoy stronger public support throughout the country. Club Atlético Boca Juniors was formed in the capital’s rough port area of […]