Queens Park FC

Football Travel Podcast: Scottish Football History and France

    The History of Scottish Football (00:42): Sports historian Andy Mitchell introduces us to the evolution of football in Scotland. Did a football culture exist in Scotland long before the foundation of http://outsidewrite.co.uk/football-travel-podcast-episode-four/Sheffield FC in 1857, recognised as the world’s first football club?   Introducing French Football (09:42): Agence France Presse’s Tom Williams introduces us to the […]

Football Travel: Gernika Club

  The Basque market town of Gernika (Guernica) was immortalised in art form by Pablo Picasso after its destruction by aerial bombardment during the Spanish Civil War. It is now a thriving and peaceful town with a struggling third tier football club. We paid homage to both Gernika’s history and football team when we visited. […]

Koninklijke HFC

The Pioneers: Koninklijke HFC, the Netherlands’ first football club

In the first of our Pioneers series looking at the earliest football clubs in the major world leagues, I caught up with Koninklijke Haarlemsche Football Club (HFC), the oldest team in the Netherlands.[All images courtesy of Koninklijke HFC]   The Netherlands is one of the “bridesmaids” of world football: three times losing finalists at World […]

City Guide: The Football Clubs of Budapest

It’s not just one of Europe’s greatest and most glamorous cities, the Hungarian capital Budapest is also a great place to catch a game. Here, we take a look at the football clubs of Budapest.   In football, nostalgia is a powerful force. The media in England goes on and on about 1966, some Scots […]

Ostkurve Hertha Berlin fans

Football Travel: Hertha Berlin

The Olympiastadion in Berlin is where sporting history is made. It’s where Jesse Owens incensed Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympics, and where Zinedine Zidane headbutted Marco Materazzi 70 years later in the World Cup final. It’s also been the home to Hertha Berlin since the foundation of the Bundesliga in 1963.   There’s a […]

Left Wing Football Clubs

Sport and politics mix far too often. The allure of football as a political tool has been too strong for many right-wing politicians, but what about those that swam against the tide? We look at the world’s left wing football clubs.. Historically, the political right has seized the popularity of football with both hands: Just […]

Stade du Ray

Retrospective: Le Stade du Ray, Nice

The French city of Nice has a new and suitably glamorous arena for Euro 2016, but until 2013 the home for the city’s Ligue 1 side was the old school Stade du Ray. We take a look back at another of football’s lost grounds. The famous French Riviera city of Nice will host four matches […]

The Joy of Retro: Why is nostalgia so appealing?

I have a terrible soft spot for old football shirts, specifically those of the 1970s-90s. As I recently turned 40 I have to ask myself if there’s deeper meaning in this. What is the allure of retro?   There is power in the past. Vintage gear is a hipster craze, the chiptune movement creates music […]

Craven Cottage Fulham

Historic Football Stadiums: Craven Cottage, Fulham

By the banks of the River Thames in London sits what is arguably the most picturesque football ground in England. We take a trip to Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC. With its wooden seats, riverside setting and elegant redbrick Edwardiana, 25,700-capacity Craven Cottage – home of Fulham FC – is a glimpse into football […]

Book Review: Eibar the Brave

Have you heard of Eibar, the latest David and Goliath story to emerge from Spain? The tiny club’s first season in La Liga has been chronicled and it makes for fascinating reading.   Every so often Spain throws up stories of small clubs punching above their weight and hitting the big time. Think of Villareal […]

Football Travel: West Ham United

This season is West Ham’s last at the famous Boleyn Ground before the Hammers head off to pastures new in the Olympic Stadium. We head east to make our first and last trip to Upton Park before London loses another iconic football ground.   The District Line train seems to limp to Upton Park, home […]

Book Review: Notts County On This Day

Notts County FC is the world’s oldest professional football club. Now, the club’s history has been chronicled in Notts County On This Day. We took a look. Nottingham is something of an understated sporting mecca. As the rowers stroke down the Trent, above them cricket fans cross the river to watch leather clash with willow […]

Retro Gaming: The Kick Off 2 World Cup

Fans of retro football computer games will probably look back fondly on the Kick Off series as the moment when the digital interpretation of the beautiful game came of age. In November the Kick Off 2 World Cup is happening in Dublin, Ireland, and Outside Write will be there. We quizzed the organisers about the event. […]

Book Review: Hatters, Railwaymen and Knitters

Daniel Gray celebrates his thirtieth birthday by touring England’s footballing hinterland and has-been post-industrial giants. The result is a wonderfully witty tome that will strike a chord for any fans of smaller clubs, and maybe even some of the big ones…   Just what is ‘England’, where can it be found and who defines it? […]