Football Travel Podcast: Football and Social Media, Roots of Football and SD Eibar

Sheffield FC

Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club, was formed in 1857 [Credit: Sheffield FC]


In this podcast we cover:


Football and Social Media, with Chris Nee (01:08): We get a social media expert’s view on how social media has impacted the sport, and how football clubs are using social media channels to build deeper relationships with fans. Are they doing a good job? What’s next for social media in football?


Football’s First Decades, with Terry Morris (10:25): We have an in-depth chat with the author of Vain Games of No Value – A Social History of Association Football in Britain During its First Long Century. Terry has chronicled the history of football, so we look over the challenges its pioneers faced – such as the struggles between professionals and amateurs. Who were the leading lights? How did football gain respectability?


Eibar the Brave, with Euan McTear (23:45): The story of La Liga’s smallest club SD Eibar is truly stunning and has been captured by football writer Euan McTear in his book Eibar the Brave. We chat to Euan about the rise of the tiny Basque club and the international appeal of its story.

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