Retro Gaming: The Kick Off 2 World Cup

Fans of retro football computer games will probably look back fondly on the Kick Off series as the moment when the digital interpretation of the beautiful game came of age. In November the Kick Off 2 World Cup is happening in Dublin, Ireland, and Outside Write will be there. We quizzed the organisers about the event. […]

What ever happened to…Edwin Van Der Sar?

I love stumbling across former footballers in their new post-playing careers. I recently learnt through overhearing some spectators at an OGC Nice match that former France stopper Joël Bats was now goalkeeping coach of Olympique Lyonnais and this post focuses on another giant between the sticks.   Ajax, Juventus, Fulham and Manchester United fans will […]

Whatever Happened to… Joël Bats?

The 1980s were great for flamboyant goalkeepers. The spaghetti-legged Grobbelaar of Liverpool, the outrageous Harald Schumacher of Germany, and then there was Joël Bats of France. I recently came within 10 metres of the great man, thus answering a question I could had never previously asked: Whatever happened to Joël Bats?   What? You don’t […]