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Gallery: Going to the Match Around the World

There’s a ritual that all football fans share around the world – the walk to the stadium. Salford-based artist LS Lowry captured this moment famously in his painting ‘Going to the Match’ (1953).   I’ve collected together some of my favourite pre-match shots from around the world, which I hope you enjoy.   To see more football […]

The Kop Liverpool

Opinion: Fans bring much more to the game than just money

As Liverpool FC backs down from its plan to introduce £77 tickets, have we reached ‘peak ticket’? Fair play to Liverpool FC’s owners for backing down on its proposed ticket rise after a quarter of Anfield walked out in protest. There are those who believe – like The Economist – that Liverpool has a right […]

The Joy of Retro: Why is nostalgia so appealing?

I have a terrible soft spot for old football shirts, specifically those of the 1970s-90s. As I recently turned 40 I have to ask myself if there’s deeper meaning in this. What is the allure of retro?   There is power in the past. Vintage gear is a hipster craze, the chiptune movement creates music […]

Could the A-League’s future hinge on the new season?

In a country of several competing football codes, Australia’s growing appetite for ‘soccer’ could be hindered by off-the-field problems, as guest writer Gary Andrews explains. As the Australian Hyundai A -League kicks off its new season this week, the competition is as bullish as you’d expect a fast-growing sport to be. But behind the scenes, […]

Losing My Religion: On Becoming Club Agnostic

“Who do you support?” is the often the conversation icebreaker, but for me it’s increasingly difficult to answer. Football fandom is meant to be a life-long commitment, so what happens when you fall out of love with your club? I sought out views from both sides of the debate.   There’s a football club in […]

One year on: Brazil’s World Cup legacy

The 2014 World Cup was divisive in host country Brazil. Costing an estimated $11.6 billion to stage, we look at the 32-day tournament’s legacy. With the Rio de Janeiro Olympics to come, what’s the feeling towards these profile-building events? Is the ‘people’s game’ now out of reach for the majority of the people?   Before […]