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This magazine is about the football supporter’s experience around the world. If you love football history, and football and politics, Outside Write is for you.

We avoid talking on-field matters, we’re about travelling the world, and learning new things from clubs and the people we meet on the way.

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Chris Lee, editor

Chris Lee football blogger

The editor, courtesy of Panini Cheapskates

As an increasingly club-agnostic fan, Chris has been to one FA Cup final, two Championship play-off finals and one World Cup.

Despite swearing to “retire disillusioned” from football many years ago, regular jaunts to Europe and the lower leagues saved his interest in the round ball game.

Unscripted drama; it’s what keeps us coming back time and time again.

As Sir Alex said; “Football. Bloody hell.”

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 Gary Andrews, contributor

Gary Andrews

Gary Andrews


Gary Andrews is a writer, broadcaster and communications specialist with a love for Exeter City, non-league and Australian soccer culture.

He is a sometime contributor to When Saturday Comes and Two Hundred Per Cent, and the former host of the twofootedtackle podcast.

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 Matt McGinn, contributor

Matt McGinn

Matt McGinn

Matt lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and occasionally puts down his yerba maté to write about Argentine football culture.

His footballing excursions have taken him to a World Cup, a European Championships, and the first ever competitive Aylesbury derby. Back in England, he can often be heard bemoaning the Dele Alli-shaped hole in the MK Dons midfield.

Matt writes for sites including In Bed With Maradona and The Gentleman Ultra.

Follow Matt on Twitter – @McGinn93. He would be delighted to answer any questions you may have on watching football in Argentina.

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